ABINI ( Asociación Balear Inmobiliria Nacional e Internaticonal ) was officially founded in the beginning of 2020 with the main aim to create a professional and beneficial environment for real estate professionals focusing on the regional, national and international markets of the Balearic Islands.

 The initial idea of creating such a platform was of two befriended real estate agencies who had already years ago the vision of founding a real estate association in order to account for the challenges the fast-moving industry has to face.

 The real estate market together with the construction industry forms after the tourism sector the second strongest industry with a GDP of over 20% on the Balearic Islands.

Due to its economic importance to the autonomic region it is rather surprising that the real estate market has been an unregulated industry in the past. In consequence, the government has announced in 2020 the need of placing rules and regulations in order to control this industry by creating a certification program to secure a minimum standard.

 It is one of ABINI’s primary objectives to promote standards of competent and ethical practice which will lead to increased credibility and expertise when working with customers on a B2B an B2C level. Therefore, ABINI supports the idea of the government of regulate the market and wishes to provide in depth information of the day to day requirements a professional real estate consultant needs to meet in order to provide a professional service to the customer.


ABINI is committed to serving the needs of its' member real estate agencies by providing the necessary information and support to encourage and promote a high level of professionalism within the industry. To provide a better service for clients and offer best practice in all our dealings now and in the future.

 As a major generator to the Balearic economy, it is also one of the organisation's prime objectives to work with other national and international industry groups in order to establish ABINI as one of the most far-reaching and reliable sources of information and an authorative voice in the industry. We will work together to achieve the sustainable development and promotion of the Balearic Islands to ensure the conservation of the region's natural beauty, culture and environment and its economic future.


Measures Against the Illegal Occupation of Housing in the Balearic Islands


To develop within the Balearic Islands, an effective and professional group that provides support and which will assist its members in becoming more successful practitioners within the regional, national & international markets.

To promote standards of competent and ethical practice in their respective local, national and/or international markets.

To enhance an environment for networking, where information in reference to legal updates, quality continuing education, etc. are actively exchanged and discussed.

To assist their members so they may be better able to serve the public and fulfil state-mandated continuing education requirements.

To inform members for changes in the real estate market, as global economic developments increasingly affect the local markets.

To link members of ABINI with other real estate associations and associations of similar fields such as construction, tourism, legal services in order to join their forces and to promote and better the services of the Balearic Islands to their habitants, investors, visitors.

ABINI to act as a legitimate speaker for their members to represent their interests and to liaise with other industry groups in the field of construction, administration, politics, tourism.

*Founder members on the 16th of December 2019 at the ABINI Kick-off Meeting



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