Balearic Association of National and International Real Estate Companies

We work to create the best collaboration environment, as well as to ease the context and situation for real estate agents in the Balearic Islands.

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Our History

Created to address common industry problems

ABINI was conceived by two fellow real estate agencies in 2020 since a platform was needed to help the real estate sector and its main agents in order to face the challenges of the sector. In addition, the main idea was to create a professional and collaborative environment for real estate professionals in the Balearic Islands.

Our values: commitment, perseverance, seriousness, integrity, diligence and professionalism.

Our main goal is to meet the needs of our members, providing them with everything they might need to promote and enhance their professionalism in the real estate sector.


Achieving the sustainable development and promotion of the Balearic Islands

We want to ensure the preservation of nature, wealth, culture and environment of our area, as well as to reinforce and enhance its economic future.


Create and work with an effective group of real estate professionals.

Supporting and helping its members to be the best real estate professionals at national and international level.


Fostering an environment of synergies and networking

Actively and regularly exchanging important sector information, such as legal updates, ongoing quality training, etc..

Our Members

ABINI has 16 real estate brands

ABINI currently represents 40 independent companies that are members of the association. Together we offer services through 66 offices, with 255 advisors and 195 supporting staff, making a total of 450 real estate professionals. We are the number one real estate network in the Balearic Islands serving the most discerning international and local clients.

How to become a member of Abini?

Membership is open to all individuals and legal entities that freely and voluntarily apply for membership.

They must be interested in and aligned with the objectives of our association, in addition to having a direct or indirect relationship with the real estate sector, as well as being able to show their interest. They must comply with all the requirements established for this purpose in the ABINI Statutes and other internal rules, where applicable.

Legal entities must appoint a physical person to represent them before the Association.

Admission requirements

Once these requirements have been met, the General Assembly will debate and evaluate the candidates, taking into account aspects such as: image, prestige, ethics, professionalism, previous experience in collaborations, common working methods and philosophy, etc. Finally, a vote will be taken on the admission of the candidates.

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