Our mission

Our main objective is to meet the needs of our members, providing them with all the services and information they might need to promote and enhance their professionalism in the real estate sector.

We work to find solutions to the current issues such as the regulation of the sector and we look after the needs of our members, promoting professionalism in the real estate sector.

Our Objectives

Creating and working with an effective group of sector professionals.

We are a united group that supports and helps its members as part of the same team. Carrying the ABINI seal means professionalism, thoroughness and reliability. We want all our members to identify with these three qualities.

We are committed to sustainable development

Our associates see the Balearic Islands as a land that must be cared for and protected. We are not in favour of large-scale overcrowding, but we are aware of the problems that exist in terms of housing. We work in favour of the conservation of the natural surroundings and the environment, as well as strengthening and promoting the economic future of the Balearic Islands

Promoting the Balearic Islands

We work together with national and international markets and we carry the name of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, to every corner, always with the pride and enthusiasm of being part of this paradise located in the Mediterranean, which we consider to be unique.

Being the voice of our members

ABINI is the home of the real estate agencies that, based on common interests, are integrated within the Association. That is why we join forces to make ourselves heard. Because we know that separately we would not have the same impact, we are a single voice with the same needs and demands.

We are committed to regulating the sector

We believe our sector needs to be regulated to avoid fraudulent practices that tarnish the daily work of real estate agencies. We stand by the Government to join forces, contributing with our knowledge, something that we consider essential to guarantee a proper professional service to the client.

Keep members updated on changes in the sector.

We interact with our members and are open to new members as long as they meet the entry requirements. We work closely with other associations linked to the sector in order to improve our ability to act and take decisions

Helping our members to be better prepared and represented.

From our training team we constantly update our members with all the information related to housing. We provide information on the most important news in the media, we act as a unified voice and we are attentive to any legislative changes that may occur.

Relations with external agencies and other associations

Another objective of our association is to interact with agencies outside ABINI, the ones that may be of our interest, together with related sectors, such as legal services, tourism, construction or anything that can be relevant to our day-to-day work.

The decree Regulating the Real Estate Sector will enhance the figure of the estate agent.

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